Fitting comes with it’s challanges but we do install everything from Roman Blinds, Curtain Tracks, Poles, Pelmets, Headboards and Swag Boards. We handle the fitting in house however, we do also have available a privately contracted professional fitter for times when we are extremely busy or the job requires extra hands.

All our quotes INCLUDE the cost of fitting, we don’t ask you to pay any money to the fitter separately and more importantly there is no risk of additional hidden costs, so rest assured Classy Curtains pricing is inclusive.

If you wish to fit your self we have no objection and can give you instructions if required. We can also forward any poles and tracks direct to your address. Although we find this option generally slows down the schedule as we would want to check drops etc before making your window treatments.

We can also install any tie backs, hold backs or cleats and finally dress your curtains.

In line with the new pull cord regulations being enforced February 2014 we also insure all pull cords we fit do conform to the new rules & are safely and correctly installed.

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