Very recently the Soft Furnishing Industry made significant changes to certain products, it is now necessary to insure that any corded window product, be it chain or cord has to break / detach in any situation where a child entangles them selves in the chain or cord of a window treatment.

The rules require certain heights from the floor, how components to work with each other & how particular mechanisms of the chain or corded product operates when certain stress is placed upon them. At Classy Curtains Ltd we are pleased to state we follow and apply the rules and insure our suppliers products comply and that all our fitted products adhere to the standard.

For those fitting their own blinds or curtains please make sure you follow the new guidelines to prevent any accident occurring in your home, if you are un-sure of any aspect please get in touch with your local curtain or blind maker or ring us here at Classy Curtains Ltd.

While our quotes usually include fitting, as a client you can be assured we minimise any risk with correct installation at no extra cost or hidden charge. If you have an older cord or chain products in your house we would be happy to offer you the following advice, please move any chain or cord up by at least 1500mm off the floor, tie the cord or chain around a cleat ensuring there is no loop. Move away any furniture or obstacle from your corded product that can be used to climb up. For little expense invest in a chain guide, which you fix to the wall or window to secure the bottom of the cord or chain. We do supply these however they can be easily acquired in most DIY or Home interior stores. If your not happy with your existing product have us come and help make safe or replace what you have. Any loop greater than 200mm & lower than 1500mm is NOT compliant, including the rear cords on window treatments such as Roman Blinds. Chains lower than 1500mm MUST have a break link and NO chain or cord is to be fitted lower than 600mm off the floor. AND, do not mix & match suppliers safety devices as they are developed and tested to work with one an other…. Please call if in any doubt and keep your children safe.

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