Often lining is overlooked when choosing curtains, especially Ready Made curtains and blinds where cost is a factor. However a quality lining can offer many benefits and similarly like buying a quality carpet underlay there are noticeable advantages and differences.

The obvious difference is how well the lining lasts, being in a damp or extremely hot bright sunny window damages the material over time and the better quality lining will be more resilient to these conditions and last longer saving you money in the long term.

curtain lining, black out lining

Also there are lining that perform different tasks like possessing thermal qualities or that will block out various degrees of either bright sunlight in the day or street light at night. Having your curtains Made to Measure you have greater control over these factors & it doesn’t have to be hugely expensive. Quality lining can be as little as £4 a meter, thermal & Black-out not much more.

Often curtain lining can be changed/replaced if sun/water damaged or have deteriorated during cleaning, so please get in touch and we will try to help. You might want a secondary separate set of lining that could be independent to your curtains, which you can hang or take down during the year?

There are many options and Classy Curtains Ltd are always happy to help.

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