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The trends for glitter, shine, iridescence and metallics are still going strong into 2018. Humans like magpies are always attracted to shiny things and now it is easier than ever to bring a bit of sparkle into your home. 

Lumina by Clarke & Clarke

Lumina by Clarke & Clarke

Mix Your Metals

The online pinboard app Pinterest report that interest in lots of metal accents in the home is growing, they say in Pinterest 100: The top trends to try in 2018″:

“The magic of metallics: Metals mesh with any color palette, but to really amp up a space, mix different finishes together (saves for “mixed metals” +423%)”

Embrace the shimmer

Incorporate iridescence, glitter, luminosity and sheen.

Use metallics to style your interior in several ways:


Use natural materials such as linen, sheepskin, agate, rock salt, wooden features and natural stone, these will contrast with the bright metals and give you clean crisp minimal look. Metals: rose gold, copper, brass, bronze.




Incorporate large mirrors and chandeliers and Moroccan and Indian influences for a decadent look pair with strong jewel colours and rich texture such as velvet in teal and ruby. Metals: rose gold, gold, copper, brass, bronze.

Lustro Collection by Studio G/ Clarke and Clarke

Clarke & Clarke Lumina Colection


Clarke & Clarke Botanica Collection

 Concrete, copper sheets, exposed pipework and other industrial features starkly contrast with the metallic features.

Metals: rose gold, gold, copper, brass, bronze, silver, aluminium, stainless steel




White and Clean

Clarke and Clarke Botanical Wall Paper Collection

Clarke and Clarke Botanical Wall Paper Collection

Match silver and gold with white, baby blue and bright yellows.

This style can be can be incorporated into a fresh modern look or you could go for a luxurious period effect.    Match copper and rose gold with blush pink and verdant green to increase the radiance and brightness of the metal.  Look out for bold metallic geometrics, pineapples and botanical flora and fauna.

If you want a gentler approach go for a metallic voile or curtains linings, cushion pipings and buttons.

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Riverside gallery has lots of items with shimmering lustre too pop in and check it out.



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